Stéphen Banks

Creative Development/Management

Stéphen banks

I’ve always been a people person. My life now revolves around what I love most:

Humans, Art and Growth



To continue my career with an organization that will utilize my creative MANAGEMENT, Development & Networking skills to benefit mutual growth and success.


-Effective Communicator: Always coupled with the term “expectation management”. I've proven my ability to listen and understand my client's needs. From retention, customer service and care and relationship maintenance, the importance of concise and effective communication drives my every decision. My fluency in both Artistic and Analytical communication is invaluable.

-Task Terminator: I have always displayed my loyalty to organization and flawless presentation by crushing deadlines; the devil is in the details. Whether individually or as part of a team, I believe that the big picture is the sum of its equally important smaller parts. I guess that's the military side of me. Speaking of militant, six years of Army training with an honorable discharge and awards for distinction—you could say that I love competition.

-Development-Focused: Everything I have engaged in so far has all been driven by my love of the creative arts, but let’s be real—skill development is critical in all industries. Growing is my top priority, constantly training and expanding my skillset.  It's that passion that I credit to all of my success.


Social Media Proficiency

Soft Skills

Presentation- Public Speaking- Innovative

Problem Solving- Creative- Leadership

Delegating- Networking- High energy

Multi Tasking- Organized- Communication

hard skills

Word- Powerpoint- PC fluent

Mac Fluent- Email- CRM

Adobe creative suite

Marketing- Budgeting- Proposals





June 2015 - Present

The beginning of 2017, I majorly focused on meeting my personal goals and milestones. Honing in over seven years of knowledge, leveraging both my creative and business skill sets allowed me to expand in the fields of creative career coaching and artist development and management. I have choreographed and trained musical artists, international DJ's and high profile celebrities in the form of entertainment industry training initiatives.

Created 8020creative Coaching“Working daily to educate and motivate, putting power back into the hands of the creators—not our clients or employers”

Coaching/Working Credits: Paula Abdul, Aquile (Season 3 of The Voice), Gregory Porter, Emel Mathlouthi, Terrence Wilde, Dylan "Dynamite" Friedlinghaus, KidzBop, Laurieanne Gibson, Tash Palmer, Leven Kali, Logan Paul, Post Malone, Johnny Orlando, Mackenzie Zigler, Tash Palmer, Kaerhart, Torin Floyd

Hitmakers entertainment, Artist development/a&r Intern

October 2017 - Present

I am responsible for directing the overall development and packaging of up and coming musical artists within the multi-faceted independent record label and publishing company. Innovative training in the forms of dance, stage presence, songwriting, public relations and social media management with extreme commitment to artist discovery. I successfully identify and nurture diverse career artists and songwriters, helping to provide fresh ideas and innovative opportunities.

Current Artists: Tash, Terrence Wilde

Immabeast co. & The beast network (TBSN), Chief Operating Officer

June 2015 - February 2018

My journey with ImmaBEAST started as a production assistant in 2015. My title evolved into assistant to CFO John Hyland and Creative Director for (TBSN) in the beginning of 2016. I was promoted to Production Manager in 2017, coordinating my first major dance convention (BuildaBEAST Dance Convention). It was a four day convention with 1500 students and 22 countries in attendance coming to train with 20 of the best choreographers in the world. Upon the success of the convention under my direction, I was titled COO late 2017. My role was to work closely with the CFO and CEO to oversee and report the successful day to day operation of the dance company and studio space, clothing and apparel, team memberships, payments receivable, any satellite tours and our annual summer dance convention. This was achieved by closely managing a team of 8-12 employees spread across five departments.

Raw: Natural Artists, co-director/Talent Manager (Dallas Market)

October 2014 - May 2015

Working with former director Sarah Badran, I managed the Dallas area talent model. My role consisted of discovering the best emerging talent in the surrounding DFW metroplex as a taste-maker and informing them of the benefits of being a RAW performer. I scouted artists and facilitated communications from initial booking up until show day ensuring marketing, artist pages, promotion, sales, and talent rehearsals were to company standards. Before having to resign due to moving to Los Angeles for a job opportunity, I was in the middle of implementing a training program exclusive for RAW Artists that included stage presence, dance instruction and business 101 for creatives. It was an initiative that I would still love to see initiated as RAW does not have a current educational/ outreach program set in place for their local talent.

Septien Entertainment Group, Interim Sales Manager/ Scheduling Manager

March 2013 - September 2014

My time spent at Septien Entertainment can be summed up into two categories. I played the role of sales manager for the triple-threat training school for a limited time while a suitable replacement was found. This included conducting and scheduling facility tours, contract and sales, program registrations and instructor management. I was also managing the 104 student schedule system for all 15 instructors and lead the migration of a more efficient scheduling program from the bothersome proprietary system currently in place. During major holidays of the year, I acted as the day-to-day manager for all performing talent when at events. I would provide transportation, coordinate with site staff, chaperone students and remain in contact with parents throughout the event.



Combat Medic/ Dietitian 2009-2015



B.A. Entertainment Business